Bruker Neo 800 MHz

 N800 (2020)

Location: Room 190 of Physical Science I, (NMR Building)

The Neo 800 with cryoprobe and sample changer is available for highly sensitive 1H and 13C direct acquisition and multidimensional biomolecular experiments with direct acquisition of 1H and indirect acquisition of 13C and 15N.





Description of Bruker Neo 800 MHz Spectrometer:

80 MHz system clock with 12.5 ns synchronicity on all channels. Timing and Gradient Control Unit (GTU) for 10 A high resolution NMR Z gradient amplifier (GAB/2), controlling the overall timing of system (all RF channels, gradients, real time pulses, triggers).

4 RF channel TRX1200 Transceiver Units providing full broad banded transmit and a full broad banded receive channel up to 1.2 GHz. Multi-receive ready. High performance and high power preamplifier system with 1H, 2H, 13C, and 15N preamplifier modules.

Accurate tuning and matching with factory calibrated preamplifiers and fully integrated automatic tuning and matching.

Bruker SmartVT unit for temperature control. BCU I unit for cooling of samples down to ca. 0 ÂșC.

Linear RF amplifiers (BLABB500, BLABBH2H500/100/150).


SampleCase 24-sample changer.

BSNL Nitrogen liquefier eliminating the need for regular liquid nitrogen fills.


Liquid-state probe:

CP-TCI 1H(or 19F)/13C/15N 5mm inverse triple resonance high resolution cryoprobe, with actively shielded single axis Z-gradient, optimized for highest 1H and 13C sensitivity. (ATM)

1H sensitivity: >= 8600:1

13C sensitivity >= 1550:1