Bruker Avance 400 MHz

a400 modified



A400 (2013)

Location: Room 312 of Physical Science I













The Bruker Avance 400 is a two-channel system with ultra-shielded standard-bore magnet and 5 mm BBFO SmartProbe. The SmartProbe does both direct and indirect detection well and allows pulsing on any nucleus in the group 15N  - 31P, 19F on one channel and 1H on the other channel.This instrument is also equipped with Bruker SampleXPress casette autosampler with 60 positions, and operated by IconNMR.

To utilize the instrument, obtain training and an account from Dr. Teymoori. Many pulse sequences are available for one- and two-dimensional spectra. Experiments are acquired near room temperature only (no VT operation).